Far-right group to celebrate National Anthem Day in Sepsiszentgyörgy

A far-right group led by Romanian Mihai Târnoveanu, the Calea Neamului Association, and its followers are so “fond of Szeklerland” that they keep coming back at every opportunity to demonstrate their power. Now they plan to celebrate National Anthem Day on July 29 in downtown Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe.

Not so long ago, this group gathered in the same city to celebrate the 100-year wound that Hungarians can never forget: the Treaty of Trianon. Târnoveanu and the Calea Neamului Association he leads – along with other nationalist groups – were instrumental in the forceful inauguration of the concrete crosses illegally placed in the Uz Valley military graveyard on June 6, 2019, as well. His close relationship with the infamous blogger Dan Tanasă is also well known, as both pursue the same anti-Hungarian discourse.

Now, Târnoveanu and his team are back in Sepsiszentgyörgy to celebrate National Anthem Day with an event organized in front of the Mihai Viteazul statue (EN: Michael the Brave) and a new partner from Bucharest called Grupul NOI (WE group), a group of civilians who have appeared out of nowhere. This group will allegedly have a big surprise at the end of the event at the city’s military graveyard.

The Romanian anthem “Deşteaptă-te, române!,” is known as “Awaken thee, Romanian!” or “Wake up, Romanian!” in English. Romanian poet Andrei Mureşanu wrote the lyrics, and it was first performed in Brassó/Brasov in 1848 and accepted as the revolutionary anthem. It was outlawed during the communist years in Romania, until immediately after the country’s anti-communist revolution of 1989.

Title image: Mihai Târnoveanu. Image credit: Facebook

Author: István Fekete