Romanian extremist to protest against minority rights facilitated by law

The recently modified emergency decree facilitating minority rights has prompted the same group of organizations responsible for the ethnic conflict at the Úz Valley military graveyard to organize a protest in front of the government building in Bucharest on Sunday, July 7 against the “Magyarization of Romania”, alleging that the new administrative law means Hungarian will become the second official language in Romania. They are demanding that the government cancel the modifications, because “Romania will become a Babel Tower because of this sinister experiment.”

The Frăția Ortodoxă Sf. Mare Mucenic Gheorghe purtătorul de Biruință, the Civic Forum of Romanians from Covasna, Harghita and Mures, and the Calea Neamului association led by Mihai Sorin Tirnoveanu – the person who read the names of the 149 Romanian soldiers claimed to be buried in that cemetery, but turned out to be false – have already demonstrated what kind of forces and human power can move; you just have to consider the incidents at the Úz Valley cemetery that culminated in vandalism at the cemetery gate and the forceful inauguration of the illegally erected concrete crosses placed on top of the graves of Hungarian soldiers who died in World War I.

The same people came out against the recently modified emergency decree that allows local authorities to decide whether or not they will apply the minority rights applicable by law if the minorities don’t reach the 20% threshold in a settlement. Both Mihai Sorin Tirnoveanu (video link), the leader of the Frăția Ortodoxă Sf. Mare Mucenic Gheorghe purtătorul de Biruință Dan Grăjdeanu (and the organizations backing their claim) are clearly misinforming their followers about the consequences of the modified emergency decree and heavily contributing to the rising of hate speech against Hungarians and other minorities living in Transylvania.

Author: István Fekete