New Sepsi OSK stadium visuals revealed

After last week’s drone footage of the ongoing construction of their new stadium, Sepsi OSK revealed some renderings of the new building this Monday as well.

New Stadium Animation
The stadium will be constructed in the styles of famous Hungarian architects Imre Makovecz and Károly Kós. (Image: Sepsi OSK Facebook)

Club owner, László Diószegi and club vice-president, Dávid Kertész, announced that the new stadium is going to be built in the styles of famous Hungarian architects Imre Makovecz (1935-2011) and Károly Kós (1883-1977). The new stadium in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe will have 8,450 seats, will get the UEFA’s highest ranking for stadiums (Category 4) and is expected to be inaugurated either in November or sometime next spring.

Sepsi OSK grounds
(Image: Sepsi OSK Facebook)

Kertész said that the stadium itself is designed by local architect Csaba Németh from Sepsiszentgyörgy, while the exterior front of the building was drawn up by architect Tamás Dobrosi from Hungary. A local company from the Háromszék region will be handling the construction. The sports facility will fulfill the very latest stadium requirements and will be able to host UEFA Europa League qualifiers and even group matches, too.

Parking lot for Sepsi
509 parking spaces will be available around the stadium for cars, and 22 for buses. (Image: Sepsi OSK Facebook)

Eighty out of the 8,450 seats will be reserved for handicapped fans, and 110 for VIP guests. The chairs will be placed in the stadium in 14 rows, and fans will have a perfect view of the pitch from everywhere, said the vice-president.

VIP boxes
VIP boxes will be on the first floor, while the second floor will be reserved for media representatives. (Image: Sepsi OSK Facebook)

The stadium will also have a fan shop and a sports pub inside, as well as 509 parking spaces around the sport facility for cars and 22 for buses. Although the name of the new stadium hasn’t been discussed yet, according to the vice-president and the club owner, the inhabitants of Sepsiszentgyörgy will be proud of the new building and its nomenclature. Diószegi related that he believes many people’s eyes will be filled with tears of joy during the opening ceremony.

Sepsi OSK stadium
(Image: Sepsi OSK Facebook)

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Title image: Visuals of the New Sepsi OSK stadium from a bird’s-eye view (Sepsi OSK Facebook)

Author: Attila Szoó