FK Csíkszereda and Sepsi OSK stand together against racism

FK Csíkszereda and Sepsi OSK ask for more resolute action from the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) against the racism displayed in Romanian football stadiums. The two Szekler football clubs submitted the amendment because of the anti-Hungarian atmosphere experienced previously in the stadiums. (via maszol.ro)

The amendment, which would modify the disciplinary manual of FRF was introduced by FK Csíkszereda president Zoltán Szondy and Sepsi OSK vice-president Dávid Kertész at a joint press conference on Tuesday. Earlier, both clubs had released communiqués protesting against the anti-Hungarian incidents that happened at both the Steaua Bucureşti – FK Csíkszereda match in the Romanian second league on August 4 and at the Farul Constanța – Sepsi OSK match in the Romanian first league on August 9. But the club representatives think that more than mere statements are needed and are thus pushing for stronger rules to avoid such incidents.

According to Zoltán Szondy, the communiqués on and press coverage of previous incidents are good and useful, but not enough for actual change, which they submitted their amendment to actually achieve.

“The point is that these xenophobic acts can only be stopped if the Romanian Football Federation’s rules are strengthened. We

write in our amendment that if these incidents keep repeating and the organizers are

unable to eliminate them, then the team whose fans are responsible should receive

a higher penalty and should even lose given match 3-0.”

– explained Zoltán Szondy.

Sanctions existing only on paper

The president of FK Csíkszereda added that these sanctions already exist on paper, but it is not specified in what exact cases they should be used. He said that in the previous cases, the incidents were one-sided, despite Romanian football fans claiming that “Hungarian signs and Szekler symbols are displayed by Hungarian clubs that disturb the Romanian fans.” But the difference, said Szondy, is that the use of firecrackers and racist and xenophobic chants is illegal, while the use of minority symbols is protected by the Romanian constitution.

According to Sepsi OSK vice-president Dávid Kertész, it is sad that such things can happen in sports, and he expressed his disappointment that even the leaders of the opponent clubs showed inappropriate behavior against the club from Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe).

“Is the problem that we are playing football, raising children? Or is the problem is that the U19 team of FK Csíkszereda won the championship and became the best in the country? This behavior is unacceptable!” – said the vice-president of Sepsi OSK, adding that the RON 10,500 (EUR 2,140) penalty of Farul Constanța is not a great punishment.

“My personal opinion is that until there are point deductions, no change will be achieved with only financial penalties.”

  – said Dávid Kertész.


Title image: President of FK Csíkszereda Zoltán Szondy (on the right) and vice-president of Sepsi OSK Dávid Kertész (on the left) gave a joint press conference against the racist and anti-Hungarian acts in Romanian stadiums. Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc ) August 17, 2021. (Photo: FK Csíkszereda)



Author: Attila Szoó