Romanian PM replaces interior and foreign minister

Romania’s Internal Affairs minister, Carmen Dan, has resigned prior to the Social Democratic Party Executive Committee’s (CEx) work session on Monday, where the subject of debate was the government reshuffle, among others. Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Meleșcanu will also be replaced, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă announced after the CEx meeting ended, cites Romanian news agency Mediafax.

“I have proposed senator Nicolae Moga from Constanta to replace Carmen Dan, and we have taken steps to replace Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Meleșcanu with Ramona Mănescu. I have also proposed Mihai Fifor as deputy PM for strategic partnerships,” Dăncilă said.

Interestingly, Carmen Dan decided not to wait for the CEx work session to end; she filed her resignation today, arguing she’s leaving the ministry with her head held high. “Resignation is unilateral; I expect the premier to take note of it. I am leaving the Interior Ministry with my head held high; I have invested a lot in this ministry. I will not ask for anything as long as I tabled my mandate”, Carmen Dan told a press statement.

Teodor Meleșcanu’s successor, Ramona Mănescu, joined ALDE in 2017. She was the Transport minister in Ponta’s Cabinet and a former MEP while she was member of the National Liberal Party.

“We decided to withdraw Mr. Meleșcanu’s political support. At the same time we proposed Ramona Mănescu for the position of Foreign minister,” said ALDE spokesperson, Varujan Vosganian.

The names of Carmen Dan and Teodor Meleșcanu will sound familiar to those who have been following the Úz Valley scandal. As Romania’s Internal Affairs minister, Carmen Dan, did nothing to stop the interethnic conflict that has been artificially maintained in order to forcefully inaugurate the illegally erected concrete crosses of alleged unknown Romanian soldiers in the Úz Valley military graveyard. By the way, one of the key figures of the forceful inauguration event is believed to be Colonel Sebastian Cucoș, who was commander of the Gendarmerie last August when the force brutally dispersed an anti-government demonstration, severely injuring dozens of protesters.

Title image: Romanian PM Viorica Dăncilă. FOTO: INQUAM PHOTOS – Octav Ganea

Author: István Fekete