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Figure skating on the frozen volcanic lake of Central Europe [WATCH]

If this were the only video about Transylvania you would watch, you should go ahead and watch it. To celebrate one year of existence, the guys at Visit Harghita have surprised all of us with a video featuring Zselyke Aletta Kenéz, a young figure skater who has been skating since the age of 4 and is the winner of numerous gold medals, both in national and international competitions.

Although bears appear frequently around the only volcanic lake in Central-Eastern Europe, don’t expect to see them in this video. Maybe it’s because they are hibernating already – who knows? – or maybe they were watching Zselyke’s performance from the woods. It is also possible that they might have been scared by the presence of Zselyke’s personal bodyguard, a wide-eyed teddy bear hanging from her bag, to keep any predators away.


Title image: Zselyke on the frozen Lake of Saint Anne. Image credit: Zalán Ilyés, Visit Harghita

Author: István Fekete