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Conquering the French market from the heart of Transylvania: One Logic (Part I)

An economist by education, László Soós always dreamed about launching his own business because he saw what was missing from local entrepreneurs: Although they had grown along with their business, they somehow lost the time to “update” their mindset. “As an employee, I was hit by the wall of mental difference between myself and my boss, so my ideas and fresh approach didn’t always get through. Of course, there are also positive examples, but my main takeaway was that my approach would be more effective in my own company,” CEO of Koronka/Corunca, Maros/Mureș County-based One Logic tells TransylvaniaNOW.

Part of One Logic team
A part of One Logic team. Image source: One Logic

So, when he spotted an opportunity to “do his thing” in late 2015, Soós quickly grabbed the chance and launched the software company One Logic. The small team (about 6–7 people) started off with small projects – presentation pages and ecommerce sites – with the contracts coming from their close circle of friends. They then broke the ice and made a memorable entrance into the French market through a contract with a France-based security engineering company and have since continued to expand their range of services and presence in France. To date, their biggest clients, which generate 70–80% of their revenue, are based in France.

One Logic's website
Screenshot of One Logic’s website

“The security company was looking to expand its range of services into digital, so they reached out to us. For them, this was their first foray into digital, and for us, the biggest contract from a French client. So, we have learned together. We’ve built a custom software as a service or SaaS platform based on IoT devices that communicate on a different frequency than mobile devices, so it’s a more secure and versatile service compared to what’s on the market. The platform is connected to the French police, so it sends an alert whenever necessary. This service is used by a handful of known retail chains, and, as a result, we continue to add further features based on customer requests,” Soós tells TransylvaniaNOW.

Seeing the effectiveness of the growing team put together by Soós, the same customer has started building another digital service targeting high-profile customers using the know-how of the Koronka/Corunca-based IT company. “This can be understood as a VIP Uber security service that only high-profile customers need and a digital platform that gives both the user and the customer the best possible experience. We are working closely with the customer to launch this platform in the near future,” Soós added.


One Logic's website
László Soós, CEO of One Logic

As Android and iOS developers joined the team, Soós spotted a good business opportunity when contacted by an entrepreneur with a mobile-first idea. The original concept of the See You There app was to fill a gap spotted by the entrepreneur while working at corporations across the globe. It aims to build strong interactions between colleagues that share the same interests, passions and values. Since Soós was fond of the idea of re-shaping corporate culture, they joined forces and embraced the idea by investing hundreds of programming hours in the startup.

His involvement in this segment also brought new experiences: Soós gained firsthand knowledge of how easily a great mobile-first service could lose its forecast dynamics if too many features are added by default.

Meanwhile Soós and his team have ventured into ecommerce and won numerous projects involving the open-source PrestaShop software. These complex projects brought new challenges such as integrating a variety of software solutions – like ERP, PIM, CRM, etc. – into one platform. Nowadays, however, his attention has turned towards Magento 2. What makes Magento more appealing is that the open-source PHP-based ecommerce platform has belonged to Adobe since mid-2018 and is today the second most popular ecommerce platform globally, according to the company’s own stats. Magento powers 12 percent of the total ecommerce market, right behind WooCommerce with 18 percent, while Shopify (a widely popular platform among SMEs) has secured only 8 percent.

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Author: István Fekete