Wizz Air and Blue Air accounts blocked due to unpaid compensation

Low-cost airlines Blue Air and Wizz Air have ended up with blocked bank accounts because of unpaid compensation for delayed flights to eligible customers, claims the rights protection company (via Transindex).

A Dutch company, FlightClaim’s work has been successful in Romania, Spain and Germany, as it has scored important wins in court against airlines who “forgot” to pay compensation that passengers were entitled to when their flights were delayed. The court has imposed a block on the bank accounts of the airlines until they pay the compensation, which ranges from €250 to €600.

The latest execution requested by FlightClaim was against the bank accounts of Wizz Air and Blue Air, but they have also filed lawsuits against Air Bucharest, Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia, Swiss, Air Moldova, Ryanair, Eurowings and TAP airlines. In total, the passenger rights protection company has about 170 cases open in a variety of courts, 30 of which are in Romania, 100 in Germany, 30 in France and 10 in Spain.

The lawsuits account for only about 2 percent of all filed claims, according to FlightClaim, and most cases are settled out of court. The smallest claim paid was €250, but the execution rulings average about 10,000 RON (~€2100) and involve 5–8 passengers.

Author: István Fekete