Who’s responsible for the current pandemic crisis in Romania? Hungarians and the PSD, of course

Hungarians living in Romania are responsible for the pandemic that brought the Romanian healthcare system and economy to its knees because the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (also known as RMDSZ) backs the Social Democratic Party (PSD), according to President Klaus Iohannis. We are aware that poor sleep may result in poorer concentration and memory, but Iohannis’ speech from July 30 corroborates the fact that he just can’t think clearly, something that’s not worthy of a president responsible for roughly 20 million citizens.

According to Iohannis, the PSD is the main villain, and all parties that back this villain are equally responsible for the speed at which the novel coronavirus is spreading in Romania. And if you dare think of supporting or actually support any party other than the PNL, you are responsible, too, dear reader.

The dizziness Iohannis suffers from is likely caused by the inefficiency in how the governing party he is a member of handled the pandemic (membership suspended while president), but it’s easier to offload guilt onto others and point the finger at them, as he did on July 30, when he delivered another hate speech, recalling his inflammatory statement. The president of Romania, yet again, accused the ethnic Hungarian minority in Transylvania and the Social Democratic Party of plotting to vote for the autonomy of the “so-called Szeklerland.” Such accusations are unacceptable from a president who has been voted in by Hungarians too.

“It is unfortunate that the President of Romania has received the Charlemagne Prize while he has a fine from the National Anti-Discrimination Council and a finding from the prosecutor that he has indeed made a hate speech. Thursday’s statement shows that the latest anti-Hungarian statement was no accident. The task of the head of state should be, among other things, to encourage and strengthen interethnic peace in the country, not to incite hatred against a community. It is extremely disgusting and completely unacceptable that the president of the country and the current regulating government is passing on the incompetence of the current government to Hungarians, the RMDSZ, and the “so-called” Szeklers in a rather sly move,” Erika Benkő, the president of the Mikó Imre Association for the Protection of Minority Rights said in a press release. The association will submit a complaint to the Romanian anti-discrimination watchdog against Iohannis’ hate speech.

Declarație de presă susținută de Președintele României, domnul Klaus Iohannis

Avem astăzi un nou record negativ, extrem de îngrijorător: 1.356 persoane detectate cu coronavirus, 35 de decese, peste 400 persoane la terapie intensivă. În starea de urgență, epidemia a fost gestionată bine de Guvern și autorități, ceea ce nu a convenit PSD, care a acționat acolo unde are încă putere, în Parlament. Cu un cinism inimaginabil, PSD a tras de timp să nu apară o nouă legislație și a luat Guvernului instrumentul necesar cu care să lucreze. Stimați PSD-iști, nu caut vinovați, îi cunosc și îi arăt cu degetul. Pe voi vă arăt cu degetul!
Dragi români, marea majoritate dintre voi respectă normele, se conformează, poartă mască, păstrează distanță. Vă mulțumesc! Este obligatoriu ca toată lumea să respecte regulile pentru a putea controla epidemia. Cei care nu le respectă vor suporta rigorile legii și vor fi amendați!

Posted by Klaus Iohannis on Thursday, July 30, 2020

Title image: Screen capture from Klaus Iohannis’ speech delivered on July 30, 2020.

Author: István Fekete