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WATCH: Stunning choir performance in Kolozsvár’s Saint Michael Church

Since 2018, the Saint Michael Church, a symbolic building of Kolozsvár/Cluj Napoca and the Hungarian community in Transylvania, has been closed because of ongoing, extensive restoration work. Mortar, dust and the noise of construction have taken the place of normal Masses, which has been difficult for believers who normally visit the church on a daily basis.

But the Saint Cecilia choir, led by chorus master István Potyó, has sneaked in a little bit of sacredness by singing the Saint Michael hymn as the renovation inches toward completion. Their chosen hymn is a prayer asking God to help successfully complete the work.

The stunning performance was recorded inside the church, with members singing on the scaffolding assembled inside the building just before it was removed, István Potyó told Hungarian news portal Transindex.

The Saint Michael hymn was composed by the young Erkel-award-winning composer Levente Márton Horváth, who originally composed the hymn for the inauguration of the Saint Michael statue in Veszprém, Hungary.

The original composition, written for keyboard instruments, was transposed for orchestra by István Potyó with the approval of the composer.

Watch this stunning performance by the Saint Cecilia choir inside the Saint Michael Church and whisper a prayer that the church can finally shine once again in all of its original beauty.

Author: István Fekete