Tourists attacked by bear on a hiking trail

A group of tourists asked for help from the Buşteni Mountain Rescuers on Wednesday evening after they were attacked by a bear. The group was not rambling in the woods, but were following a marked trail for hikers in the Bucsecs (Bucegi) Mountains when they ran into the big game, maszol.ro reports.

The incident was reported by the mountain rescuers, who posted it on their Facebook page. As they wrote, none of the tourists were injured; they escaped by climbing up onto a rock and making noise with plastic bottles filled with stones. The attack happened near Howling Waterfall, on a hiker trail.

The Buşteni Mountain Rescuers drew attention to the fact that more and more bears are appearing near popular hiking places, so they advise tourists to carry sprays that can be used to fend off these animals.

“It is the second time this week that tourists have been attacked by bears on a hiker trail in Bucsecs mountain. Fortunately, no one was injured, but tragedies may happen anytime. So our advice for the tourist is to carry bear spray, not to feed wild animals in general, and not to run from a bear, but slowly leave its path, making as much noise as possible,” the mountain rescuers wrote.

Title image (illustration): More and more bears are appearing near popular hiking places. Photo: Transindex.ro

Author: Orsi Sarány