The Church, the Army and the Romanian Academy are top-ranked when it comes to trust

The Church, the Army and the Romanian Academy are the institutions that Romanians trust the most. Thus says a study conducted by the LARICS Center of Sociological Research, in partnership with the Secretariat of the State for Cults and the Institute for Political Sciences and International Relations of the Romanian Academy.

The results were presented on December 16 in the Aula of the Romanian Academy.

When it comes to how much trust the Romanian people have in their country’s institutions, after the Church with 71.2 percent (41.4 percent, very high trust; 29.8 percent, high), the Army comes in second place with 61.8 percent (17.8 percent and 44 percent), followed by the Romanian Academy with 45.6 percent (9.4 percent and 36.2 percent), City Hall with 43 percent (11 percent and 32 percent); the Police, with 41.1 percent (11.4 percent and  29.7 percent) and the Ministry of Health with 34 percent (6.3 percent and 27.7 percent).

At the opposite pole, 13.7 percent of Romanians trust the government, 9.5 percent trust parliament and 9.1 percent trust political parties.

The survey was conducted between November 30 and December 7, 2020, based on questions asked via the the phone on a representative sample of the Romanian population. Respondents were from all the counties of Romania and all districts in the municipality of Bucharest.

Featured photo: Tion.ro

Author: Blanka Székely