Temesvár spends EUR 700,000 to colour water

The mayor of Temesvár/Timișoara, Nicolae Robu has finally found the money for his dream: five roundabout fountains with coloured LED lights. While a few weeks ago he said the city can’t afford them, the City Hall announced the tenders for the construction, meaning that if all goes according to plan, locals will enter crossroads from witch coloured water will rise.

“We can’t spend now EUR 800,000 on five fountains”, the mayor told on June 26th, and underlined that they will build only one fountain, in Bălcescu Square. But it seems that they somehow did find money for the projects. Last week City Hall launched two more tenders, and in a couple of days later the other two as well. In total, the five fountains will cost EUR 715,000, the most expensive is on Bălcescu Street, estimated at EUR 200,000.

The mayor said that besides their obvious decorative value, the fountains also have more practical benefits. “The fountains have an extraordinary role in purifying the water. They hold the dust, so they provide better air quality, and in fact, they make our city more beautiful.”, Nicolae Robu said.

In total, the fountains and the lights will cost EUR 707 000, with another EUR 7 800 going to the construction site managers. The constructions are expected to last six months, of which two for the four planning and another four for the execution.

Not counting the capital, Bucharest, which has six times as many inhabitants, Temesvár has the second highest of any Romanian city of EUR 300 million this year, only surpassed by Kolozsvár/Cluj with its EUR 324 million.

Title image: The mayor of Temesvár and one of his beloved fountain. Photo: www.tion.ro

Author: Orsi Sarány