Szekler cities still the favorite destination for bears

The last time the big game was seen in Székelyudvarhely/Odorheiu Secuiesc, the bear made a short but meaningful visit.

According to the report of the gendarmerie of Harghita County, a man told the authorities that a bear was roaming around the yard of his house in Tábor Quarter.

When the team, consisting of a gendarme and a policeman, arrived on the premises, the bear walked away. It turned out he did not go far; he was walking around on the neighboring street, enjoying other sights in the city.

The authorities ended his sightseeing tour, chased the bear out of the city, and informed the locals about the danger via SMS.

Authorities have again warned inhabitants: If anyone sees a bear, they should call the authorities on the 112 hotline and not approach the animal under any circumstances. They should not take selfies with them, and most of all, no one should give food to a bear because he may very well want to taste the person feeding him, too!

By the way, the last few weeks have been pretty intense in Harghita County in terms of bear sightings. In August alone, authorities were called more than 30 times due to the big game walking around various towns.


Photo credits: MTI

Author: Blanka Székely