Supermarket “wedding” took place in Sepsiszentgyörgy

A supermarket “wedding” took place the other day in Sepsiszentgyörgy, the Székelyhon.ro news portal reported. The performance was organized by the Kovács – Castle Restaurant of Sepsiszentgyörgy to draw attention to the fact that while weddings can’t take place in restaurants or hotels, they can be held in a supermarket or shopping center.

As restaurant entrepreneur Lóránt Dóczi told Székelyhon, a young couple played the role of the bride and groom; the pair are in fact waiting for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted so that they can organize their real wedding. Others played the role of the priest and witnesses. The shoppers present became the “guests” of the “wedding,” and there was even a photographer and a cameraman on hand to immortalize the event.

“Our wedding play was very well received. We did not bother anyone with the performance; both employees and shoppers applauded, and we respected the pandemic rules too,” noted Lóránt Dóczi. As the entrepreneur pointed out, the foodservice industry is heavily burdened by the restrictions on events and gatherings.

“Even though restaurants can provide the necessary conditions, and in terms of both epidemiological and hygienic factors, a restaurant can be safer than a shopping mall, we are not allowed to organize events,” said the businessman.

“It is important to note that our community performance was not directed against supermarkets or shopping centers: Our main goal was to attract attention to the injustices and inequalities of the system. People can have a wedding ceremony in supermarkets, but it would still be better and nicer to organize these events in spaces that can provide all the perfect conditions for such a remarkable event,” detailed the manager of the restaurant in a Facebook post.

Title image: The young couple who played the bride and groom in the performance is in fact waiting to be able to organize their actual wedding.

Source: Kovács – The Castle Restaurant/Facebook

Author: Éva Zay