Skyscraper in Kolozsvár?

A major urban project will be carried out in the capital of Transylvania, Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca: the city’s very first skyscraper. The 40-story tower to be built by two Dutch companies will contain a mall, offices and a hotel. Currently, the city’s highest building is a 30-story residential construction that is not yet finished, Hungarian news portal Transindex.ro reports.

The new tower will be built on an 18-hectare plot and is expected to cost more than EUR 200 million. The building’s impact study was completed two years ago and has been positively received by the Environmental Agency. The public debate on the project will end on January 17.

According to local newspaper Ziua de Cluj, designs for the building come from Arhimobil, a firm owned by architect and President of the Urbanism Commission Adrian Iancu. Arhimobil proposed two plans for the construction. The first one includes three connected buildings – a middle body as a tower and a separate apartment block with 12 floors, attached to a parking lot with three underground levels and four above-ground floors. In the second plan, the apartment block is included in one of the three connected buildings, and the parking lot is separate.

The builders also proposed an entertainment mall, a park, areas for outdoor and indoor activities, pedestrian and bicycle paths (linking the neighboring village of Szászfenes/ Florești to Kolozsvár) and a “park and ride” area for tourists.

Title image: The spire of the church in Kolozsvár’s center, the St. Michael’s Church, reaches 76 meters in height. 

Author: Orsi Sarány