Romanian involved in truck deaths of migrants

The 43-year-old Gheorghe Nica admitted in front of a London court that he helped in the people smuggling case that led to the death of 39 migrants. The Romanian man admitted his partial guilt in the case, which ended with the death of 39 Vietnamese migrants, whose corpses were found in the cargo hold of a truck in the town of Grays, just east of London, in an industrial area.

The autopsy revealed that the death of the victims, aged between 15 and 44 (8 women and 31 men), was caused by hypoxia (an oxygen-deficient state) and hyperthermia (heatstroke) in a closed space. Gheorghe Nica, both a Romanian and British citizen, admitted in front of a London court his complicity in people smuggling; but now he is also accused for complicity in the death of 39 people, same as 23-year-old Eamonn Harrison from Northern Ireland.

The other two suspects, the driver of the truck, 26-year-old Maurice Robinson, and 41-year-old Ronan Hughes, who on paper handles the transport of goods, had already earlier admitted their complicity in the death of the 39 Vietnamese victims.

Member of Parliament for the borough of Thurrock Jackie Doyle-Price said back when the investigation started: “To put 39 people into a locked metal container shows a contempt for human life that is evil. The best thing we can do in memory of those victims is to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.”

One year has passed since the tragedy.


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Author: Blanka Székely