Romanian healthcare system still offline

A fix for the national healthcare system’s information platform is coming, with the majority of the problems already being addressed, the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAS) has announced while at the same time publicly apologizing for inconvenience caused. Over the next few days, IT specialists will identify the problems that caused the system failure. The system has been intermittently on and off (but mostly off) since July 1. Even when available, it processed inputs at a glacial pace. The Fund hasn’t rushed to give a deadline for the highly anticipated fix, however.

According to the press release published by the Fund, the majority of the system’s problems have been repaired, and over the next few days a team of IT experts and the developers of the information platform will scan the system to identify the bugs that caused the breakdown, blocking the work of general practitioners.

The CNAS remains committed to paying for the services medical service providers performed and submitted for payment, even until the platform becomes fully functional, the press release says, highlighting that payments for June have already been processed. The system hasn’t been at peak performance at all since its launch. It has broken down too frequently, slowing down the work of general practitioners. The latest crash completely froze the online validation process, because they couldn’t write electronic prescriptions or referrals.

As the National Alliance of Family Doctors (SNMF) pointed out, this isn’t the only problem the Romanian healthcare system is facing, but the most prominent issue with the communications system between healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and patients.

Title image: matrix. Image source: Pixabay

Author: István Fekete