Romanian cabinet survives motion of no confidence

The combined votes of most Romanian opposition parties were not enough to drive through a motion of no confidence against the Social Democrat-Liberal Alliance (PSD-ALDE) of Prime Minister  Viorica Dăncilă.

The motion submitted by three opposition parties was also signed and voted by the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ). It was read out last week in the lower house of the Parliament. Somewhat unusually, the motion itself was addressed personally to Dăncilă and listed five reasons why her government should go:

– the way the European Parliament vote was organized and conducted abroad

– the “assault on justice”

– the politicization of public service broadcasting

– the cabinet’s reliance on emergency ordinances on justice and economy instead of submitting them to Parliament

– the ethnic scandal at the Úz valley military graveyard.

According to Article 113. of the Constitution, the two chambers of Parliament voted on the motions of no confidence in a joint session, meaning that for a majority the motion should receive at least 233 votes. With the votes of the three parties that submitted the motion, those of the RMDSZ and the Pro Romania party the yes votes only amounted to 200, meaning that the Dăncilă government survived another motion of no confidence after a previous one last December.

Title image: Romanian parliament assembly room

Author: Dénes Albert