Romanian Academy deleted post saying 5G technology poses danger

The Romanian Academy of Sciences deleted from its website a communiqué claiming that 5G technology will have negative effects on the health of the population, invoking arguments present in conspiracy theories.

The leadership of the Romanian Academy issued a statement on Thursday, August 27, in which it claimed that the implementation of 5G technology in Romania “without a concrete assessment of risks and vulnerabilities could have serious consequences on public health.” The document then disappeared only one day later from the institution’s website.


Blocked Website
The communiqué of the Romanian Academy about the dangers of 5G has not been available on the institution’s website since Friday.

PressOne managed to contact the president of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Ioan Aurel Pop, on Thursday — after the initial publication but before the disappearance of the document — to ask who the researchers are who felt the need to ring the bell about the dangers of 5G.

“I do not know concrete names that I could give you, but there are institutes within the Romanian Academy dealing with physics, chemistry, telecommunications and electrical engineering. We have specialized departments in this field, and Academy members who have done such experiments before. I  talked with all the members of the bureau last week, and we agreed on some of the wording of the press release,” said Ioan Aurel Pop on Thursday. (economie.hotnews.ro)


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Author: Attila Szoó