RMDSZ urges emergency handling of hunting law

The caucus leader in the House of Representatives of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), Attila Korodi, and RMDSZ senator of Szeklerland’s Hargita County, Barna Tánczos, urges immediate changes in the hunting law be discussed in an emergency procedure by the specialized parliamentary committees of the lower house. They say the urgent amendment of this law is needed mainly because of the escalating bear problem in Transylvania: In the past two months, a startling number of bear attacks have been reported, and unfortunately several people have lost their lives.

The party caucus leaders of the lower house of Parliament already agreed on the necessity of this emergency procedure on October 15, a fact that RMDSZ politicians pointed out again the other day. RMDSZ has already handed in a draft law that would make it possible to extend the requirements if they proved not good enough after being put in practice.

Attila Korodi emphasized that the ghastly bear-man encounter that happened in October in Maros County, in which a fisherman was killed, could have been avoided if the hunting quotas had been revised according to the assessments of the situation. The politician, who is a former minister of the environment, also stated that the ministry is obliged to regulate the so-called prevention quotas until the second month of every year. This is stipulated by currently valid laws.

The draft hunting bill that RMDSZ handed in, which already passed the Senate and now is to be discussed by the committees of the House of Representatives, would, according to RMDSZ, ease the bear problem, as it would change hunting regulations to resolve the current surplus of bears in the country.

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Source: ziare.com

Author: Éva Zay