Private companies fund coronavirus vaccination campaign

According to the communiqué from City Hall, 17 vaccination centers will be established in Temesvár/Timișoara, out of which seven will be housed by private companies. The mayor negotiated with several companies to procure the help.

In the third phase of the campaign, the mass vaccination of the population will take place. Medlife (one vaccination center), Vox Technology Park (two vaccination centers), ISHO (two) and Continental Automotive Romania (two) offered their buildings to be used for vaccinations. Centers will also be set up in various buildings belonging to public entities: Incuboxx (three), FITT Youth Foundation (two), the downtown building of the Public Transportation Agency (two), the Public Transportation Museum (one).

Mayor Dominic Fritz thanked the private companies for offering their premises so that the entire city can be covered. “The people of Timișoara again proved their solidarity in hard times,” the mayor stated.

Featured photo: nyugatijelen.com

Author: Blanka Székely