Ethnic Hungarians with “Certificate of Hungarian Nationality” can be vaccinated in Hungary

From now on, transborder Hungarians (ethnic Hungarians living in the neighboring countries of Hungary) who do not have Hungarian citizenship can also register for the vaccination against the coronavirus in Hungary if they have a “Certificate of Hungarian Nationality,” announced the koronavirus.gov.hu on Wednesday.

“Certificate of Hungarian Nationality”

According to the Hungarian Parliament’s Act LXII of 2001, people who declare themselves as ethnic Hungarians but do not have Hungarian citizenship and have their residence in countries neighboring Hungary can apply for the “Certificate of Hungarian Nationality” (“magyar igazolvány” in Hungarian), which provides numerous benefits and assistance in the territory of Hungary.

The communiqué emphasized that the possibility of registering for the vaccination has already been open to the more than 1 million Hungarian citizens who live outside of Hungary, overseas and across the border, on the vakcinainfo.gov.hu website. Since the beginning of May, more than 18,000 have registered.

But starting Wednesday, June 17, ethnic Hungarians without Hungarian citizenship but who have a “Certificate of Hungarian Nationality” can do the same. They can already register now, and as with the transborder Hungarian citizens, they will be able also to reserve an appointment for their vaccination online soon.


Title image: Opening page of the vakcinainfo.gov.hu website


Author: Attila Szoó