No hiking in Arad County due to swine fever outbreak

As if the coronavirus epidemic hasn’t caused enough trouble and brought enough restrictive measures in Arad County, another pathogen has appeared in the region, worsening the situation: swine fever. Because of this, the local Disease Control and Prevention center has now banned numerous types of outdoor activities for three months, reports főtér.ro, a Hungarian news portal in Romania.

According to the news portal, the authority is no longer allowing hiking, rallies, sports events, camping, cycling and ATV riding in the forest. The only exceptions are sports or other events that take place on national, county or local roads with the approval of the road authorities. The ban will last 90 days but may be extended if the spread of the swine fever continues.

The strict measure was adopted after an African swine fever hot spot was found in the city of Székudvar (Socodor). But the disease is also spread by the wild boar population living in the forests near Világos (Șiria), Székesaranyág (Arăneag) and Konop (Conop).

Title image (illustration): The restriction was adopted after a swine fever hot spot was found in the county. Photo: MTI

Author: Orsi Sarány