“Safe for customers” stickers are promised in Arad restaurants

Restaurants and cafes in Arad where at least 90 percent of the employees have been vaccinated should be signaled as “safe for customers” – agreed the Arad Public Health Directorate (DSP) and the representatives of the HORECA sector. The decision came after discussions held on Wednesday on the vaccination of hospitality staff against COVID-19. (Agerpres).

At the initiative of the Arad Prefecture, the representatives of DSP and HORECA met to discuss how to support the vaccination campaign in order to open restaurants and other hospitality premises as soon as possible.

Vaccination marathon

Most of the employers were open to the initiative and promised to support the authorities’ approach; they hope that around 1,000 HORECA employees from Arad will be vaccinated during the town’s “vaccination marathon,” which will take place May 7–9. During this campaign by Arad Town Hall, Pfizer vaccines will be administered in the lobby of the Administrative Palace.

“Safe for customers” stickers

Director of Arad DSP Horea Timiş declared that restaurants, cafes and other HORECA premises with at least 90 percent of their employees vaccinated will be marked with a “safe for customers” sticker.

Timiş pointed out that Arad wants to be the first county to reopen the HORECA sector.

Arad County Prefect Csaba Tóth emphasized the importance of the vaccination campaign and declared that similar actions are needed in other parts of the county, not just the capital. According to him, he has already asked for the support of mayors to find a way to make the vaccination more accessible for people living in the countryside as well.

As of Wednesday, April 28, 64,314 people in Arad County had received the first dose of the vaccine, and 37,729 had received the second dose.



Title image is an illustration. (Photo: www.sbdc.uh.edu)


Author: Attila Szoó