NHL player arrives at Sportklub

Another Canadian player’s arrival was announced by the Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc Sportklub ice hockey team yesterday. The Székely team signed a contract with 34-year-old Rod Pelley, who played more than 250 matches in the world’s strongest championship, the NHL.

The news was published by the Csíkszereda club on its Facebook page: “Our team is now complete after we finally arranged an agreement with Canadian Rod Pelley. The 34-year-old center has played in North America at the highest possible level for most of his career. He played 256 matches in the NHL, and 556 in the AHL, five years as captain of his team.” Head coach of Sportklub, Jason Morgan, had the opportunity to see him playing during last season, which he spent with the Danish team Sonderjysk.

“His energetic, tough game and outstanding attitude is further going to strengthen the power of our team,”

states Sportklub’s announcement.

The Csíkszereda Sportklub do their preparation in a home environment. Besides, players started their training in the gym, and the specific ice-based training has also begun. The team travels daily to the Felcsík Ice Rink in Csíkkarcfalva/Cârța.

Because Sportklub have for a long time competed not only in the Romanian Championships but also in parallel in the Hungarian-based, regional Erste Leauge, they are preparing for the start of the latter. The Erste League starts on September 13.

The Csíkszereda Sportklub’s team:

Goalies: Arnold László, Örs Adorján és Szamankov Makszim (Belarusian)

Defensemen: Szabolcs Papp, Botond Flinta, Alpár Salló, Hugó Gecse, Tihamér Györfy, Tamás Farkas, Arnold Bors , Tamás Láday, Kuljas Gyenyisz (Russian).

Forwards: Tihamér Becze, Tamás Bíró, Eduard Căsăneanu, Csanád Fodor, Zsolt Részegh, Szilárd Rokaly, Norbert Rokaly, Zoltán Sándor, Andrej Taratuhin, Radim Valchar, Evan Brophey (Canadian), Kurtis McLean (Canadian), Josh Shalla (Canadian ) Rod Pelley (Canadian).

Coaches: Jason Morgan (Canadian) and Levente Hozó


Title image: Rod Pelley, the 34-year-old Canadian player signed to Sportklub. (Photo: Facebook)

Author: Attila Szoó