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More business incubators to be built in Hargita County

Hargita/Harghita County Council has given the green light to a feasibility study for building two more business incubators in Csíkszereda / Miercurea-Ciuc and Székelykeresztúr /Cristuru Secuiesc. The Council has plans to foster the local business market by establishing a business incubator in each city in a partnership with local authorities.

As we previously reported, Hargita County already has a business incubator in Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc working at full capacity. The good news is that demand is high for this type of service, which combines infrastructure with counseling services and co-working places, alongside a variety of events that serve the purpose of sharing knowledge to fresh business owners, and has prompted the city leadership to start working on a second business incubator with the help of a grant from the Regional Operative Program.

Hargita County Council plans to establish a business incubator in Csíkszereda by focusing on the creative industry. The planned location is adjacent to the mineral water spring at Zsögödfürdő / Jigodin-Băi. In Székelykeresztúr the focus would be on the leather manufacturing and textile industries, and they are eyeing up real estate next to the Domokos Zey high school. The building currently hosts a variety of professional training, so it would make sense to leverage the existing infrastructure into a business incubator where young business owners can move in, get access to infrastructure, and take part in mentoring programs.

Author: István Fekete