Mobile app for visiting monuments in southern Transylvania

The mobile application, called Toronyiránt (“As the crow flies”), features churches of the Gyulafehérvár/Alba-Iulia region, but in the long run, the developers want the app to cover all of Transylvania. It was created by the Teleki László Foundation, to raise awareness of and support for national monuments in the area, according to Kund Botond Gudor, the Reform dean of Nagyenyed/Aiud.

The application is thus another milestone in the foundation’s work in preserving monuments, as it provides  information to tourists about the churches in southern Transylvania that have been left without a community. Users can access data about the churches and the history of the settlement as well as practical info regarding lodging and contacts to visit the inside of a church. It also serves as a personal audio guide with amazing details on each location.

“With this app, our purpose is to show how spectacular Hungary’s architectural heritage is. The first route of the app takes you to the diaspora: to the Catholic church in Nagyság and the Reformed churches of Alvinc/Vințu de Jos, Boroskrakkó-Cricău, Kéménd/Chimindia, Magyarigen/Ighiu, Marosszentimre/Sântimbru, Sárd/Șard and Tövis/Teiuș. All are home to beautiful Hungarian monuments worth visiting and knowing their story. The purpose is also to protect our architectural heritage: We can ensure the survival of these churches if they are visited by tourists. Later on, the app will also be extended to other regions such as the whole of Transylvania, the Highlands and Sub-Carpathia,” the communique reads.

Download the Toronyirányt app for Android/iOS.

Featured photo: Reformed church of Marosszentimre (Teleki László Foundation).


Author: Blanka Székely