Italian firm invests millions of euros in Bihar County

Investments of several millions of euros are being implemented in Bihar County. According to press information, De’Longhi is going to develop and produce household appliances near Nagyszalonta/Salonta, while lithium batteries for airplanes and cars will be produced in Nagyvárad/Oradea.

Following a transaction worth tens of millions of euros – the biggest investment in Bihar County in the last couple of years – the Italian company De’Longhi is about to establish a factory close to Nagyszalonta, in a village nearby the Hungarian border called Madarász/Mădăras, reports kronikaonline.ro citing local sources. Per the information given, De’Longhi acquired the site of the Hungarian Jász-Plasztik Ltd.’s subsidiary in Romania and plans to run its factory there with at least 500 employees. This will be the second plant of the Italian manufacturer in Romania, as they are already producing coffee percolators, mixers and blenders in Nemeszsuk/Jucu de Mijloc, Kolozs/Cluj County.

De’Longhi produces different kitchen and household appliances (Photo: harveynorman.com.au)

Although De’Longhi and Jász-Plasztik Ltd. haven’t released an official statement yet, according to the leaked information, it has already been decided that not only components, but complete household appliances will be produced in the new factory in Madarász. The contract is expected to be signed at the end of the month, and production might start already in the spring.

De’Longhi will keep the factory’s almost 200 current employees and plans to extend this number to around 500 in the future. Founded in 1902 in Treviso, Italy, by the De’Longhy family, he company has a yearly revenue of over EUR 2 billion and sells items under the De’Longhi brand as well as Kenwood, Airete, Simac, Climaveneta brands. The group’s wide variety of household appliances includes coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, microwaves and different kitchen robots.

Big plans in Nagyvárad as well

Meanwhile, another investment of great value is taking shape in Nagyvárad: the Atnom company is planning to open a lithium battery factory and a research and development center in one of the town’s industrial parks. The investment’s value might reach the 6,6 million EUR, from which 4,6 million EUR will come from EU funds.

According to the communique of the agency running the industrial parks of Nagyvárad, the contract was singed last August, and the EU funding received a green light at the end of the year. The batteries produced in the new factory will be for electric and hybrid cars, airplanes, telecom companies and companies in the renewable energy sector. The investment will create 40 new jobs as well.

Atnom was founded in 2015 and is owned by a Romanian businessman, Octavian Mircea Crișan from Nagyvárad, who studied and gained his professional experience in the UK and Denmark.


Title image: De’Longhi coffee machines (Photo: De’Longhi Facebook)


Author: Attila Szoó