Marosvásárhely: RMDSZ shuns council meeting on budget issues

Councilors of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) did not attend the Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș Local Council’s emergency meeting on Thursday, November 7, because the supplementary budget plan on the agenda was insufficiently  prepared, according to the Maros County RMDSZ communiqué.

The communiqué says that local councilors received the planned supplementary budget and its supporting documents late, and because of this they did not have enough time to mull over the documents. Furthermore, it is also still uncertain from what sources the town’s leadership wants to finance the budget, for which they are now asking the Local Council’s approval.

Despite the fact that the town’s income will be maximum RON 300 million (EUR 63 million) this year, Marosvásárhely already has an approved budget of RON 441 million (EUR 92.6 million), which already shows a deficit of more than RON 100 million (EUR 21 million). And yet, the mayor wants to increase this deficit with another RON 37 million (EUR 7.8 million) at this council meeting. But RMDSZ has stuck to its opinion that the town should not run into further debt simply because the town’s leadership doesn’t want to work out a well-prepared budget. The communiqué states that ensuring public services, such as maintenance of schools, public lighting, etc., should be the town’s primary goal!

As it was also communicated earlier – continues the communique – if the town’s continued operation is endangered in any way and another emergency council meeting is called, then the RMDSZ councilors will participate at it willingly and vote for the necessary corrections.


Title image: Marosvásárhely landscape with the County Council building in the middle. (Photo: aviontourism.com)

Author: Attila Szoó