Maros County to transform sports arena into a temporary hospital

Maros/Mureș County Council has approved a RON 1,031,000 million budget for the Maros County Emergency Hospital to transform a sports arena into a temporary hospital where patients with slight and intermediate coronavirus symptoms will be treated. The modification aims to ease the burden on hospitals currently treating COVID-19 patients (via Székelyhon).

The sports arena of the university formerly known as Medical University of Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș (MOGYE) – now named after George Emil Palade – is suitable for transformation into a temporary hospital, university rector Leonard Azamfirei stated. The building is spacey and protected and therefore well-suited to becoming a temporary heathcare institution. Considering that patients infected with the novel coronavirus are being treated in hospitals located near the university, it will be easy to move patients to the new temporary location at any time as well.

The current Maros County hospital occupancy rate is still low enough to allow the facility to receive and treat coronavirus patients, but the new temporary hospital is needed in case there is a sudden spike in infections so that medical personnel can provide adequate care to all patients.

With 335 confirmed COVID-19 cases, Maros County is in Romania’s top ten list of areas severely affected by the epidemic. Since its first registered case, 29 people have died, and 75 patients have recovered. Currently, there are 1,505 people in home isolation, 277 in institutionalized quarantine, and a further 47 people under observation at the hospital with possible coronavirus infections.

Title image: The sports arena of the university. Image credit: Vince Haáz, Székelyhon

Author: István Fekete