Pharmacy robber calls police and confesses

A young man from Temesvár (Timișoara), with no criminal record robbed a pharmacy on May 21, taking approximately EUR 400 and 10 packs of Regenon, a medicine containing amphetamine. But a couple of days later, on Sunday night, the thief called the police, confessed and asked them to pick him up. The robbery, which lasted about four minutes, was caught by the surveillance cameras located in the pharmacy.

According to tion.ro, the 31-year-old man lives in Temesvár and has no criminal record. On Sunday night, around 3 o’clock, the young man called 112, the Romanian emergency number, and confessed to the operator that he is the guy who robbed a pharmacy on May 21. He also told them where he lived and called the police to arrest him. The man was picked up by the police next to the building where he lives.

“Following the investigations carried out last night around 3:15 a.m., a 31 year-old-man, suspected of robbery, was identified. Currently, he is being interrogated at the Temesvár Police Station,” the representatives of the Temes County Police Department reported on Monday morning.

The suspect confessed to the police that he initially went to buy Regenon, a drug containing amphetamine. When the pharmacist told him he needed a prescription, the young man became aggressive, attacked the pharmacist and stole about RON 2,000 (EUR 410) and 10 packs of Regenon.

The whole case was recorded by the surveillance cameras located in the pharmacy; the robbery lasted about four minutes The 31-year-old suspect entered the pharmacy around 8:45 p.m. on May 21, wearing a hat and a face mask. He waited for a client to leave and for the pharmacist, a woman, to then approach him. The man cornered the pharmacist and started to go through the drawers and cabinets while threatening her. The man threw away any products he was not interested in and in the end took 10 packs of Regenon and RON 2,000. Before leaving the pharmacy, he threatened the woman again.

The man is being interrogated and will most likely be detained for 24 hours. He now faces jail time for robbery. The stolen items were not recovered.

Title image (illustration): The man was caught by the police next to the building where he lives on Sunday evening. Photo: libertatea.ro

Author: Orsi Sarány