Living the dream: Transylvanian vlogger travels the world on a motorcycle

He always dreamed about traveling the world on a motorcycle, so two years ago he charged up his GoPro camera, fueled up his Honda XRV 750 (Africa Twin) and started a journey he never thought would become so long and exciting: He climbed to the top of the Himalayas, explored India, was pleasantly surprised by Iran, was escorted by police throughout his 2,000-km ride through Pakistan, reached Australia, and much more. Now the vlogger is exploring the beauty of South America in the company of his friend as they attempt to ride the length of the 30,000-km Pan-American Highway stretching across the Americas.

Andor Bezsnei is a simple man from Marosmagyaró/Aluniş Mureş, a small village in Maros/Mureş County, and a member of Sons of Attila motorcycle club. His original goal was to reach Mongolia, but having been riding since the age of 14, Bezsnei felt he was capable of more than this “short” trip. So, in 2018 he made an important decision: to travel around the world on his Africa Twin and document all of it on his YouTube channel.


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Torres del Paine! Definitely a must-ride location.

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In the first year of this around-the-world trip, Bezsnei traveled 75,000 km and closed the first half of his journey in Australia. During the first 12 months, he was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of Iranian people, walked on the edge of an active volcano, explored the Himalayas, was stunned by the beauty of the Goa Jomblang cave in Indonesia, met with monks in Tibet, lost weight in India (because he doesn’t really like spicy food), was escorted by police throughout his 2,000-km ride through Pakistan, and more. “There were elections, the worst time anyone could pick to cross the country,” he said in an interview with M2 Petőfi channel. “I actually camped on top of the police building for two days, and if I wanted to walk even to the closest restaurant, which was roughly 60 meters away, I was escorted by two policemen,” he added.

Of course, problems happen on the road. But fortunately, Bezsnei’s journey was supported by the kindness of locals as well as his family and friends, who supported his dream and were there to help when needed. He burned out his clutch in the Himalayas, had a few punctures on the road, and initiated discussions with local people. His experiences were captured on camera through hours of footage with spicy stories and great comments about the countries he visited. Overall, he came back to Transylvania from Australia with a huge smile on his face, filled with positive experiences and a different view of the world.

After spending a few months at home with friends, he couldn’t resist the calling of new adventures, and now Bezsnei is exploring the beauty of the Americas. In his latest episode documenting his around-the-world trip, he proudly talks about reaching new destinations and the good times he has in the company of his road-mate.

Bezsnei and his travel companion are currently enjoying their time in Ushuaia, Argentina, after returning from a short visit to Antarctica. “This was a ‘last-minute’ deal that I spotted on a trash bin,” he tells TransylvaniaNOW laughing. “We were lucky to get this deal because we had 12 wonderful days in Antarctica, as you can see in the pictures. We’ve seen penguins, seals and humpback whales and enjoyed sea kayaking, so it was fun.”

If you are interested in Bezsnei’s two-wheel trip across the globe, check out his YouTube channel for some hours-long footage, or check out his Instagram profile for amazing scenery.

Title image: Riding in Pakistan. Image source: Andor Bezsnei

Author: István Fekete