Kolozsvár rolls out smart waste-recycling

While other cities such as Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș are slowly progressing toward introducing (again) a waste-recycling system, Kolozsvár/Cluj Napoca shows once again that there is more a city administration can do for its inhabitants. As a first for the country, Kolozsvár has launched an intelligent waste-recycling system.

This is the next level of waste recycling, city mayor Emil Boc said in the video announcing the system. These solar-powered containers are connected to the internet and send data about their content in real-time to the company in charge of the sanitization. When the containers reach 90% capacity, the company must empty them.

So, if you are in Kolozsvár, you can recycle plastic and paper using these intelligent containers on Memorandumului Street and George Cosbuc Street, in Lucian Blaga Square and Unirii Square, in King Ferdinand Street, Splaiul Independentei Street, and Observatorului Street, and at the Gheorgheni sports base.

According to the mayor, the system also has a mobile app that will help users see how full containers are and the last time they were emptied. The intelligent waste-recycling system is one of the projects the city inhabitants voted for in 2017 during the participative budget campaign. Any other cities in Transylvania looking to join?

Title image: screen capture from the video announcement posted on Boc’s Facebook page.

Author: István Fekete