Kelemen wants early legislative elections

RMDSZ President Hunor Kelemen shares the currently ruling liberal party’s opinion that the country needs early legislative elections, and he would also like to see those held before the next municipal elections in order to end the political stalemate in the country, Kelemen told Radio France International.

“I spoke with (Prime Minister) Ludovic Orban just before the end of the winter parliamentary session, and I told him that in my opinion, legislative elections could be held sometime before the municipal elections, perhaps a few weeks before those depending on the calendar, and that I am for having early elections for several reasons,” Kelemen said.

The next round of municipal elections are due this June, while parliamentary elections are presently set for December or early next year – provided the current government lasts that long.

“Since the fall of the Ungureanu-cabinet in 2012, which happened more than seven and a half years ago, we have been in a permanent state of instability regarding government policies,” Kelemen said. “We have had nine governments since 2012. When governments are being replaced at such a pace, one can neither plan nor deliver a government policy.”

He said that by holding early parliamentary elections, the country would effectively gain time by ending this period of instability and be able to plan for the medium and long term.


Title image: Hunor Kelemen (source: Facebook) 

Author: Dénes Albert