Hunor Kelemen: I trust that Donald Tusk will continue his support for Minority SafePack

Following a vote last night at the European People’s Party Congress in Zagreb, RMDSZ President Hunor Kelemen took to his Facebook page to congratulate Donald Tusk on his election as EPP President.

“Beginning tonight, the European People’s Party has a new president,” Hunor Kelemen began his statement in a video posted to his Facebook page. “For the first time in the EPP’s history, it’s led by a man from Central Europe. Donald Tusk is the president of the European People’s Party,” the RMDSZ leader said.

“He hails from the region,” Kelemen continued, “He is familiar with the region’s problems.”

Talking about his expectations from the newly appointed EPP President, Kelemen said that RMDSZ trusts that Donald Tusk will continue his support for the Minority SafePack initiative and the protection of indigenous minorities.

“The EPP has to very definitively differentiate itself from both the socialists and the liberals on issues such as the Western Balkans, Eastern enlargement, Brexit, security policy, and other, similar areas,” Kelemen stated, listing the policy avenues where the EPP is expected to take a hard stance.

Author: Dénes Albert