Hunor Kelemen battles Funar in court (again)

The Bucharest Court of Justice and the Regional High Court discussed during the last couple of days under an accelerated procedure the objections entered against the RMDSZ’s Candidate List for the European Parliamentary Elections.

On Thursday President of Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), Hunor Kelemen had to battle against Gheorghe Funar’s Party (PNR). “The RMDSZ is an unconstitutional political organization, which endangers the territorial integrity of the country.” Among other things ex-Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca mayor Gheorghe Funar and the Our Romania Party (PRN) gave such justifications when attacking the Alliance‘s EP election candidate list.

The objection was rejected by the Bucharest Court of Justice on Wednesday, but PRN appealed and on Thursday the appeal was already judged by the Capital High Court. At this hearing RMDSZ was represented by Hunor Kelemen who told news portal Maszol that “I had to listen for half an hour to all those things what we have been hearing from the Romanian nationalist parties for thirty years.” Hunor Kelemen said he rejected all accusations of PRN, and he also submitted his arguments in a written form.  The High Court of Justice is expected to publish its ruling on Thursday on the Ministry of Justice’s web-page.

The legal adviser of RMDSZ told Maszol that in addition to Gheorghe Funar’s Party three private individuals also submitted objections against the Alliance’s EP candidate cist at the Bucharest Court of Justice. These three objections were rejected by the court because they had been submitted before RMDSZ even registered its candidate list with the Central Election Office. The deadline to enter an objection against a party’s EP election candidate list expires today.


Title image: European Parliament (Photo: euobserver.com)


Author: Attila Szoó