Hungary sent 1.2 million masks to Transylvanian Hungarians

The Transylvanian Hungarians received almost 1.2 million masks from a supply donated by the owners of the Hungarian Pápai Hús Kft., the CHI FU Hungary Company Group and Frank Liu, an international investor with Hungarian citizenship. A total of 10 million masks were sent to Hungarian public institutions and Hungarian communities beyond the borders of Hungary. The news was announced by the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (also known by its Hungarian acronym of RMDSZ) in a press release.

According to the donors, with the help of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Affairs, the masks will be delivered to the locations where they are most needed in November, Hungarian news agency MTI reports. From the donation, 8 million masks will be sent to the staff of Hungarian public institutions and 2 million to Hungarian communities beyond the border: Transylvanian Hungarians will receive 1,184,000 masks, while Hungarians living in Slovakia will receive 400,000; Hungarian communities in the Vojvodina region, 250,000; Ukrainian Hungarians, 150,000; Hungarians in Croatia, 10,000; and communities in Slovenia, 6,000. The masks, which have an EU quality certificate, will be distributed in these countries through Hungarian social organizations.

The value of the donation is HUF 1 billion. Anna Horváth, executive vice president of the department for local government within the RMDSZ told székelyhon.ro that the donation already arrived in Tordatúr (Tureni) in Kolozs (Cluj) County, from where the masks were taken over by county representatives. According to RMDSZ, the nearly 1.2 million masks will go to the staff and children at the Saint Francis Foundation (Szent Ferenc Alapítvány) and the workers at the Caritas Foundation and Diakónia Foundation, as well as to schools, nursing homes, healthcare institutions and churches in 16 Transylvanian counties.

Last spring, two similar donations were sent to Hungarian Transylvanians as well.

Title image: The masks will be distributed in 16 Transylvanian counties. Photo: RMDSZ/Kiss Gábor

Author: Orsi Sarány