Hungarian minister acts swiftly to stop rise in prices of building materials

The post-pandemic recovery of the building sector has resulted in severe supply problems in Central and Eastern Europe as a 50 percent or higher increase in the prices of building materials has left many countries with either shortages or extremely high prices, as all available raw materials are being taken up by the more affluent Western countries.

The relevant Romanian ministry — led by Attila Cseke of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (also known by its acronym RMDSZ) — was among the first in Europe to respond to the crisis.

Minister of Development Attila Cseke said on Wednesday that the delivery of the ministry’s budget remains on schedule, and it will request significant sums for the improvements he has made in the budget adjustment, such as those included in the National Program for Local Development (PNDL) and through the National Investment Company (CNI).

“It primarily addresses the PNDL, for which we’re paying out sums this week as well as next week. So the National Program for Local Development has not stopped; we will continue to receive bills from municipalities, and the moment we get a significant amount from the budget adjustment, we will continue to make payments,” the minister said.

He added that the execution rate of the programs implemented through the National Investment Company is currently approaching 70 percent, so additional funds will be requested for this as well when adjusting the budget. However, all of this must also be discussed with the competent authorities of the Ministry of Finance, Cseke added.


Title image: Minister of Development, Public Administration and Investment Attila Cseke. (Photo: RMDSZ)  

Author: Dénes Albert