Hungarian Consulate General: Romanian citizens can enter Hungary for 24 hours

Just like the citizens of other adjacent countries, Romanian citizens can enter Hungary, the Hungarian Consulate General has announced on the Consulate’s Facebook page. The clarification was released to stop the spread of misinformation around Hungary’s new border lockdown policy, effective since September 1.

Citizens of neighboring countries, including Romania, may enter the territory of Hungary, but only for 24 hours, and they cannot travel more than 30 km from the border, the announcement reads. Commuters may go to work without the mandatory home isolation; however, their movement is limited to 30 km from the country border, the Hungarian Consulate General clarifies.

This means that citizens from any Romanian county can freely enter Hungary and spend a maximum of 24 hours in the territory of the country within the specified range of movement. This contradicts earlier information published in Romanian media claiming that Hungary was discriminating against Romanian citizens, giving privileges to V4 countries and prohibiting Romanians from entering the country.

The Hungarian Consulate General also specified that the new policy also allows Hungarian families with double-citizenship to use their Hungary-issued IDs or passports when crossing the border.

Title image: Cars at the country border. Image source: the Hungarian Consulate General’s Facebook page

Author: István Fekete