Historical moment: Hungarian mayor inaugurated after 20 years in Marosvásárhely

The COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t take away the solemnity of a historical moment on October 26: After 20 years of the Florea-regime, Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureş inaugurated a Hungarian mayor in the person of Zoltán Soós, as well as new and returning members of the local council (via Székelyhon).

“Marosvásárhely doesn’t have first- and second-class citizens: The city belongs to its citizens. The local council must serve the best interest of the inhabitants, not business or party interests. I believe in cultural diversity, and I’ll keep traditions alive and will work for Marosvásárhely to be a cultural space,”

the newly elected mayor said in his inaugural speech.

Almost a month has passed since the majority of inhabitants chose to end the reign of the “champion” mayor, Dorin Florea, and voted for change. Florea ruled the city between 2000 and 2020.

“Change has happened, and a new mayor and many new local councillors start their work today. Expectations are high, and as president of the Maros County Council, I will do everything within my powers to set the city and the county on a track toward development,” Ferenc Péter said during the inauguration event.

Zoltán Soós has big plans for his mandate. “The city didn’t fall into Hungarian hands but into the hands of Marosvásárhely inhabitants. We will work to make Marosvásárhely a viable, liveable city,” he said. Soós will start his work as mayor with an audit of the city’s budget, the mayor’s office, and companies owned by the city, and consider the city’s current assets.

“Stakeholders must be consulted before any major decision is taken. Marosvásárhely must operate openly, transparently, and without corruption, where all data of public interest is public and easily accessible to everyone,” Soós said.

After the regime change in Romania, the first democratic municipal elections were held in 1992. Győző Nagy won the elections and ruled the city between 1992 and 1996, followed by Imre Fodor between 1996 and 2000. Soós now continues the line of Hungarian mayors of the biggest city in Szeklerland.

Title image: Marosvásárhely’s new mayor Zoltán Soós at his first press conference. Image source: Soós’ Facebook page

Author: István Fekete