Dorin Florea, “champion of Hungarian rights,” eyes Maros County Council presidency

Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș’ mayor doesn’t want to rub salt into the wound, but he stands firm that he is the one and only champion of Hungarian rights and minority rights. It looks like he’s gotten tired of running a city and now sees a bigger opportunity in heading the Maros/Mureș County Council. He announced his candidacy in a video posted on his official Facebook page.

Hungarians deserve much more, a county council presidency candidate who prioritizes churches and schools, and who has clear plans and visions, Dorin Florea says. He must have forgotten a few things, however: first of all, we didn’t have the humble opportunity to check out his plans of how to run Maros County because, apparently, he doesn’t have any.

Secondly, this champion of Hungarian rights threatened the Catholic Church that he would do everything in his power to re-nationalize the building that is the home to the II. Rákóczi Ferenc Roman Catholic Theological Gymnasium in Marosvásárhely/Târgu-Mureș and the Unirea National Gymnasium. And he forgot about his duty to represent the interests of all Marosvásárhely citizens by entering into a lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Theological Gymnasium, which ultimately resulted in its closure, putting hundreds of Hungarian children and their families under heavy stress, as they ended up on the street without a school. He didn’t rush to solve the problem, however; instead, he poured gas on the fire, joining infamous Hungarophobic figures such as Marius Pascan (his former press officer) and Dan Tanasa. So yes, Mr. Florea, you are eminent in prioritizing Hungarian churches and schools.

Florea is the one who championed the bilingual street signs on Marosvásárhely’s streets (NOT). According to him, the country has only one official language (Romanian), and the streets have only one official name (Romanian). Hence, it is impossible to put up bilingual street signs because it would create confusion.

Dorin Florea
Dorin Florea and his adviser, Claudiu Maior. DNA is accusing the mayor, the former deputy mayor and former secretary of the commune of illegally signing over 9,000 documents. Image source: Florea’s official Facebook page

Hungarians would love to vote for Florea because he banned the Szekler Freedom Day demonstration from Marosvásárhely, an initiative of the Szekler National Council to remember the execution, on March 10, 1854, of the Szekler men Károly Horváth, János Török and Mihály Galfi — all accused of conspiring against Habsburg Austria for Hungarian national rights.

The institution he leads desecrated Szekler symbols: After a statement by Deputy Mayor Sergiu Papuc stating that “we won’t transform the residential area into Szeklerland,” Claudiu Maior, the mayor’s adviser, arranged to have the Szekler emblem – the eight-pointed star – removed from around the Szekler Martyrs monument and a bilingual inscription at the adjacent spring.

So yes, the champion of minority rights needs some Ginkgo Biloba pills because he has a problem with his memory.

Nu vreau să pun sare pe rană, dar…

Nu vreau să pun sare pe rană, dar…

Posted by Dorin Florea on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Title image: Dorin Florea, Marosvásárhely/Târgu Mureș Mayor. Image source: Florea’s official Facebook page

Author: István Fekete