Hargita County still has the lowest infection rate

Hargita County, in Szeklerland, has now had the lowest infection rate in Romania for days: Only 25 new coronavirus patients were registered from Saturday to Sunday, and only six others were confirmed as of Monday. While the number of new coronavirus infections was still low in Hargita County over the weekend, the number of deaths related to the new virus was a bit higher on Sunday than on previous days, the County Prefect announced.

According to the prefect’s press release on Sunday, with the 25 new cases announced on Sunday, the total number of coronavirus patients registered in the county since the beginning of the pandemic reached 4,828. This then grew to 4,834 in the following 24 hours, the prefect’s press release from Monday says.

From Saturday to Sunday, three more people were lost to the virus, bringing the total number of deaths related to COVID-19 to 198. On the other hand, 17 people were declared fully cured on Sunday, followed by 31 people on Monday, taking the total number of people who have defeated the virus to 4,196.

Hargita County Corona Rates
The number of new cases per day in Hargita County. Photo: coronavirus.casajurnalistului.ro


On Sunday, 121 people were treated in hospitals in Csíkszereda (Miercurea-Ciuc), Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc) and Gyergyószentmiklórs (Gheorgheni), while 347 infected people were in home isolation and 1,005 were in home quarantine. These numbers changed from Sunday to Monday; according to the latest press release of the County Prefect, 118 people were hospitalized, 379 isolated and 964 quarantined on Monday.

According to GCS, there were 1.09 infected people per 1,000 residents in the county on Sunday, which decreased to 1.07 on Monday.

According to GCS, 5,231 new infections were registered from Saturday to Sunday, and 17,530 tests were analyzed in the country. From Sunday to Monday, another 3,360 new cases were confirmed, bringing the total number of infections to 517,236. However, from Sunday to Monday, only 8,791 tests were analyzed. In the last 24 hours, 127 new deaths were announced, meaning 12,447 in total since the outbreak, while 409,121 people were declared fully cured. The number of active cases is 95,668, and of those, 1,280 are being treated in intensive care, fewer than the day before.

Title image: The hospital in Csíkszereda. 118 people are being treated in hospitals in Csíkszereda, Székelyudvarhely and Gyergyószentmiklórs. Photo: https://www.spitalmciuc.ro/

Author: Orsi Sarány