Government recognized blazons of three municipalities

The government recognized the blazons of three Transylvanian municipalities. These are located in the counties of Szilágy (Sălaj), Temes (Timiş) and Szatmár (Satu-Mare), the Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration Attila Cseke announced the other day.

The commune of Sarmaság (Sărmăşag), Végvár (Tormac, Rittberg) in Temes and Mezőterem (Tiream, Wiesenfeld) have coats of arms with triangular shields. In the place of the helm, in all cases there is a representation of a citadel.

The upper side of the blazon of Sarmaság, located in northwestern Romania’s Szilágy County, has a gules (heraldic red) tincture. The animal charge in the upper side of the coat of arms is a silver phoenix, emphasizing the community’s strength and its capability of rebirth, the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (known by its Hungarian acronym RMDSZ) stated in the communiqué announcing the governmental recognition of the blazons.

The sun and the moon placed on the two sides of the phoenix are symbols of the Hungarian community of Sarmaság. The two sides of the shield are separated horizontally by two wavy lines, representing the two branches of the Kraszna (Crasna) River. The tincture of the lower side of the shield is azure, and the mining instruments on it refer to coal mining, which is the main industry of the locality. Also, the spike and the bunch of grapes symbolize the local farmers who cultivate these crops.

The coat of arms of the Temes County commune of Végvár (Tormac, Rittberg) is divided into three parts: In the upper left side, the golden knight and sun in an azure field refer to the older coat of arms of the locality, which dates back to 1818. In the upper right side, a pelican placed in a field with a gules tincture symbolizes that the locals are well-trained in the Christian faith; in the lower, vert (green) part of the shield, there is a golden tree stump as a blazon charge.

The coat of arms of Mezőterem (Tiream, Wiesenfeld) is also divided into three parts; in the left vert field, the golden spike refers to the main occupation of the commune’s residents, while in the right field of gules, the drawing of a plant represents the nature reserve of Mezőterem. In the lower part of the shield, in the azure field, a golden bird is holding a golden heart in its right claw, which represents the Károlyi family, the former patron of the locality.

Title image: The coats of arms of three Transylvanian municipalities

Source: rmdsz.ro

Author: Éva Zay