FK Csíkszereda football field gets overhaul

Why does the football field of FK Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc) look like a freshly plowed crop field? Because that’s exactly what has happened in the first phase of its complete overhaul. The field will receive new drainage, new heating and new irrigation system and also a new turf carpet will be laid. According to the plans the works will be finished by the end of July. The reason behind the works is that last month – for the first time ever in the Székely club’s 115 years history – FK advanced to the second league by winning the championships in Liga 3.

Celebration of winning the Liga 3 championships -25. May, in Csíkszereda- (Photo: FK Csíkszereda FB page)

Agent of the building contractor company from Nagyvárad/Oradea  – Greenfield Sport – Botond Berecki told to that right now they are working on the new surface. They are leveling the plowed and harrowed ground with special attention to avoid humps and pits, because the sand will be placed directly on the surface and the other working phases will be also adjusted to this later on.

“The field has to have a 0,5% slope from the middle to the side- and the goal lines. Following this we will start the drainage. The customer and the implementer agreed upon a secondary drainage, which means that in every meter we are going to build in 40 cm deep gravel stripes. Because the heating system of the field will be lengthwise, the gravel stripes will be laid across. According to the plans after the drainage we are going to start the setting up of the irrigation system next week, then after that can the specialist of the heating system also start their work,” Bereczki said.

(Photo: Albin Gábos/

The turf carpet is produced in Szatmár/Satu Mare County after the granulometry (measurement of the size distribution in the collection of gravels) of the Csíkszereda stadium was done. The grass is grown in a field containing 80% sand. The turf carpet – going to arrive to Csíkszereda- is already 12-14 months old, and will be delivered in 15 meters rolls. According to the specialist if extreme heat or too much rain won’t hinder the works, they will be finished by 30th July and the Csíkszereda field will be suitable for matches at the beginning of the OTP Bank Cup.

SZÉKELY Himnusz 😁

Publicată de FK Csíkszereda pe Sâmbătă, 25 mai 2019

The team and FK Csíkszereda fans singing the Székely Anthem  -on 25. May 2019- after winning the championships and qualifying to Liga 2 first time ever in the 115 years history of the club. (Source: FK Csíkszereda FB page)

The Nagyvárad company has already overhauled the fields of several stadiums. For example they were the ones to renew the field in Giurgiu -when team Astra was relocated from Ploiești to Giurgiu- and also in the Vajdahunyad/Hunedoara stadium, but they also worked in Hungary during the reconstruction of the stadiums of Debrecen and Siófok. The team, responsible for the heating system of the turf carpet, worked lately in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe, and they were also the ones who set up the new heating system in the CFR stadium in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca, and in the FC Botoșani stadium.


Title image: Plowed field in the FK Csíkszereda stadium in June 2019. (Photo: Albin Gábos /

Author: Attila Szoó