Environmentalists attacked by forest guard and son involved in illegal deforestation

On Sunday evening, around 7 p.m., President of the Moldovița Association Tiberiu Boșutar and his companions were attacked by Mugurel Nacu, a member of the Suceava County Forest Guard, and his son Ionel Nacu, the owner of SC Fenster Dor SRL, a company in the village of Stulpicani that, according to ziardesuceava.ro, is involved in illegal logging.

The president of the Moldovița Association and his three companions were traveling in two cars close to the municipality of Broșteni to shoot a film about illegal deforestation. But after arriving in the area, several foresters stopped them and kept them from entering the forest.

According to the abovementioned news portal, Boșutar and his friends then decided to return to Moldovița. On their way back, they had to take a road that ran alongside the location of SC Fenster Dor, and when they got to this point, Ionel Nacu drove out from the company’s yard and blocked the road in front of them. He was followed by his father Mugurel Nacu in another vehicle, who intentionally drove into Tiberiu Boșutar’s car from the front. Then, father and son, armed with axes, got out of their cars and started hitting both Boșutar’s and his friends’ vehicles. Although the cars suffered significant damage, fortunately, no people were injured in the incident.

Police soon arrived at the scene, and the officers took all those involved to the police station to give their statements. The authorities drew up a criminal case for the suspicion of destruction and other violent activities.

According to the portal, Ionel Nacu’s company, SC Fenster Dor SRL, has been involved in several illegal timber transactions, and authorities once even confiscated nearly 500 cubic meters of wood from him.


Title image: The damaged cars (Photo: www.ziardesuceava.ro)

Author: Attila Szoó