Design error may have caused explosion at the Azomureș chemical combine

The internal commission that analyzed the explosion on July 7 inside one of the ammonia-producing units of the Azomureș chemical combine has finished the first stage of its report.

According to the main hypothesis, there was a design mistake in a specific area and the ducting of the synthesis gas most probably must be redesigned. The other units of the combine continue to produce chemical fertilizer, and employees are working to restart the disabled one as soon as possible.

“The security of the workers and that of the local communities continues to be of prime importance to the company, and the manner of dealing with the damage proves the efficiency of the measures in place to stop emergency situations. During the modernization of the Azomureș units, emergency stop gears were installed, which work regardless of human factors, and they also functioned well during the event,” says the communique of the company.

It also mentions that the employees of the company are working together with the professionals of the Ammonia 3 department on the recovery of the equipment involved and on the acquisition of the licenses needed to restart the disabled unit. “In this period, we continue to produce chemical fertilizers for agriculture and are distributing our products through our national distribution network and on the regional market,” the communique concluded.

Featured photo: zi de zi.ro

Author: Blanka Székely