Contradictory information about Hungarian-Romanian border crossing

Those entering Hungary from Romania by car at the Nagylak (Nădlac)-Csanádpalota motorway border crossing have to wait approximately three hours, the Hungarian Police announced on their website Friday morning. According to the Hungarian authority, the waiting time for buses and trucks is one hour. The Nagylak road border crossing is also overwhelmed, with those going to Hungary by car will have to wait one hour.

According to the online traffic measurer application of the Romanian Border Police, the waiting time at the road border crossing at Nagylak is 20 minutes, while on the highway it is only 30 minutes. According to the Romanian authority, the waiting time at other crossing points is no more than 10 minutes, but the Bors (Borș)-Ártánd, and Pete (Petea)-Csengersima points were closed due to a malfunction in the IT system of the Hungarian authorities.

Since Wednesday, neither Hungarian nor Romanian nationals have been obliged to go into mandatory home quarantine when traveling to and from each other’s countries, so the number of border crossings has doubled. Approximately 80,000 people, Romanian citizens and foreigners, crossed the border in the last 24 hours in 35,000 vehicles, 14,900 of which were trucks, the border police reported. According to the authority, 40,700 people entered the country in 18,200 vehicles, while 37,600 left in 16,800 cars. At the 11 border crossing points between Romania and Hungary, 49,100 people were registered, 24,700 of whom had entered Romania.

The border police also announced that in addition to the usual checks, epidemiological examinations are being carried out by representatives of the public health directorates at the border, which slows down the crossing. At the same time, those entering Romania are obliged to fill out a declaration. As a result of the epidemiological examinations, 2,666 people were sent to home isolation.

The authority stressed that the border crossing points operate at maximum capacity. They also said that in the last 24 hours, 36 illegal acts (14 crimes and 22 violations) had been identified, and goods worth RON 7,200 (almost EUR 1,500) had been seized.

Title image (illustration): The number of border crossings has doubled since the obligatory home quarantine was canceled. 

Author: Orsi Sarány