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Celebrate the magic of Christmas in Kolozsvár

Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca, Klausenburg) is in competition for the title of “the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe. The europeanbestdestinations.com travel site has listed the city and its Christmas Fair among the most attractive in Europe. The voting is open: one can just click on the photo of the city on the website, thus bringing it closer to winning the impressive title, obtained in previous years by Strasbourg, Zagreb and Tallin.

Kolozsvár awaits its visitors with a charming Christmas market in its historical center, just in front of the imposing Gothic church of Saint Michael. The city, located in the heart of Transylvania, has a rich and complex architectural heritage as well as lots of stories and legends. “Old and new, tranquility and dynamism come together harmoniously” in Kolozsvár, one reads in the description published on the travel portal. The description is very appropriate. The inner city has several impressive historical buildings, and its stone-paved piazzas, restaurants and cafes, and narrow, little streets are full of life; the city is a modern academic, economic and business hub, too.

This Transylvanian Christmas fair lures visitors with the smell of freshly baked chimney cakes and roasted chestnuts. The seasonal vendors offer all kinds of goodies and artisanal creations in little white houses that charm the eye. The skating rink is built around the grandiose statue of the great Hungarian king, Matthias Corvinus, and his four fearless leaders, so it is unique experience to skate there. Every evening, caroling and seasonal music concerts draw people to the main stage of the fair for a good dose of Christmas spirit. All in all, it is worth to pay a visit, and cast a friendly vote …

Title image: Why not spend Christmas in the very heart of Transylvania, a city that has the charm of past centuries and the effervescence of modern life?

Source: europeanbestdestinations.com

Author: Éva Zay