Bullet marks of the Temesvár/Timișoara revolution must not be erased – says Vaida

The facades of the palaces on Victoria Square are gradually being renovated, but one thing must remain: the bullet holes from the 1989 Revolution. Corneliu Vaida, revolutionary and honorary citizen of Temesvár/Timișoara, asked the local council to find a solution so that this important part of the city’s recent history is not lost.

Almost all the palaces in the city have scaffoldings on them. There is intense work being done on Lloyd Palace, with the project estimated to cost more than EUR 1 million. As you are heading toward the cathedral, the Neuhausz, Merbl and Dauerbach palaces are also undergoing renovation.

The Hilt-Vogel and Széchenyi palaces will be renovated as well; both of them were designed by architect László Székely, the man who changed the face of the city forever. The bullet marks of the bullets shot during the Revolution of 1989 are the most visible on Löffler Palace.

“I believe that there could be a solution to keep those bullet marks so that the happenings of the Revolution of December 1989 are not forgotten. On Girocului Avenue, they were erased; they were also erased on the front of Hotel Timișoara. Gradually all the marks will be deleted in Timișoara, and only the stories will be left — some that are true and some that are not. I would be happy if you could find a solution to this,” the revolutionary requested.

Vaida claims that it is all about benevolence. “There are solutions for the conservation of bullet holes. These are the so-called ‘islands.’ These kinds of solutions have already been used in the world, when there was a will to keep the frescoes, bas-reliefs and even bullet marks. I have discussed with a specialist in construction and renovation, who confirmed that it is possible… if there is a will,” Vaida added. Now, the ball is in the court of the local administration, who must discuss the subject in an organized way with the owners of the buildings.

Featured photo: inquam photos.

Author: Blanka Székely